Dog daycare near me

Benefits of Dog Daycare Near Me

Doggie daycare can be beneficial for a number of different reasons and many trainers will recommend it. Many dogs can lack stimulation and outlets for their energy. Mas and Paws has a superior doggie daycare program.


Exercise and Socialization: A dog daycare near you and to me will allow your dog to have play time throughout the day in order to play with and meet other dogs and learn how to properly socialize and interact. Different daycares will run differently. Some will provide dog access all day long while others have set playtimes for the dogs. We have 7 different dog play areas including full sized dog park for their use and pleasure each day. Many daycares have only a small area outside and the majority of time indoors in doggie playgrounds. We like to have our dogs outside for fresh air, proper exercise and a clean and germ free indoor resting area.


Human Contact: Our fantastic team offers dog companionship and also human cuddles and contact. If you are away all day, your dog doesn’t have to stay home alone. Staff is there to interact during play, give treats during quiet time, and cuddle with the dogs.


Supervised Playtime: Owners may not feel comfortable monitoring play between different dogs. They may not be familiar with what is dangerous or appropriate. Doggie daycare has the staff with experience to interpret body language from the dogs to make sure that every dog is comfortable.


Relief from Boredom: Crates get a bad reputation and many dog owners don’t want to leave the dog alone in a crate for hours on end. Not utilizing a crate can sometimes set the dog up for destructive behaviors when left home alone. In order to combat this behavior, owners can utilize daycare where there will be plenty of stimulation and opportunities to prevent boredom.


Provides a Routine: Dogs are creatures of habit, just like humans, and using a dog daycare with us can help create a routine for your dog.


Good Solution for Those Who Are Busy: Many owners will feel guilty when working for eight hours and leave the dogs at home. Dog daycare can be the perfect solution for those owners. You get peace of mind by knowing your dog is well taken care of and it can eliminate the guilt you feel.