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The Pros of Using Dog Boarding

If you need to travel and need dog boarding, or your need doggie daycare then you need to make an education decision out what to do with your pets. There are many benefits of using a dog kennel and using our spacious doggie rooms/runs boarding your dog with us. We do not use crates, they enjoy spacious rooms.


Safety: With dog boarding services, your dog is secured in his or her own space. This can lower the risk of injuries and prevent dogs from feeling threatened.  We also ensure your dog has their own water bowl, and food to eat in privacy and comfort. It can help you make sure your pet is resting comfortably and remaining relaxed when needing a break, and a sleep. Our resort is  secured so that no one will enter the property except the pet owners and staff.


Proper Nutrition and Enough Water: Caregivers at the dog kennel work to make sure that your dog receives proper nutrition during their stay. We will provide special food if your dog has allergies ( bring your own food please) and also make sure that your pet has an adequate water supply. Caregivers feed your dog on a regular schedule based on specific dietary needs.


Avoidance of Illnesses: Pets will need to be vaccinated to stay in dog boarding, which means that you can rest easy knowing your dog is safe and won’t be picking up any diseases.


Attention and Love: Caregivers provide your pet with adequate time for love, play, and attention. This means that your dog is comforted and it will help keep them from becoming anxious during the stay.


No Strangers in Your Home: When you have dog boarding, your pet goes to a different facility so you don’t have to have a stranger coming into your home to take care of your pet while you are away.


Socialization Our resort will give your dog the opportunity to not only socialize with other dogs but other humans in a controlled and safe environment. Since dogs are pack animals, playing with other dogs can be an advantage for improving behavior skills. Dogs are placed in playgroups according to their size and age.


We are a 24/7 operation and never leave the premise to ensure a safe, fun and happy experience with us.


We are a five star dog kennel / dog resort servicing Aurora, Newmarket, Uxbridge, Mount Albert, Stouffville and surrounding areas.

Dog boarding, dog daycare are our specialities.


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